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Title About Recommended Practice
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CoderDojo Foundation


Learn about Recommended Practices here


CoderDojo Tao (Recommended Practice)

CoderDojo Tao (Recommended Practice/RP) is a set of best practice principles for the global CoderDojo community. It was piloted in Summer/Autumn 2014 and will be launched to all Dojos globally through the CoderDojo Community Platform in Summer 2015.

You can see Recommended Practice Handbook below!

With the development of the CoderDojo Community Platform we are going to be implementing CoderDojo Tao into the on boarding process for Dojos so that is in seamless for Dojos to align. If you are interested in aligning with RP before the launch of the CoderDojo Community Platform or if you have any questions please contact info[at] for more information.

  • Note: After a vote of all pilot participants for CoderDojo Recommended Practice the decision was made to rename Recommended Practice (RP) to CoderDojo Tao, The CoderDojo Path.

Along with the code of Recommended Practice, there are a few other documents we would love you to read! Please find the supporting Tao documents in this section too!