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CoderDojo Foundation


Frequently asked questions about Cloud Mentoring


Is the Cloud Mentoring model the right model for my dojo?

If you are the champion of a registered dojo and are having trouble finding local mentors to either start your dojo or grow it beyond basic programming tools, this may be the right model for you.
The only other critical aspect to ensure the success of this model is whether you have an internet connection stable enough to run a SmartCloud Meeting for the length of your dojo event

I am a champion and I want to find Cloud Mentors to help me run my dojo, what should I do?

The first step is to record your interest in the Cloud Mentoring model using this form [link to form]. Currently, CoderDojo is using IBM Communities and SmartCloud Meetings to support this model, and access to licenses is limited. If a license is available, a member of the CoderDojo Foundation will reach back to you with next steps

Will the same Cloud Mentor be working with me and my dojo for a series of sessions? Or do I need to identify different Cloud Mentors for each session?

This will depend on the Cloud Mentors’ availability and how restrictive you want to be when partnering with them. Ideally, you will be able to partner with at least one mentor for the first 2-3 months, to give some consistency to the ninjas’ experience while they get used to the remote mentoring model, but this is something you have to discuss with individual Cloud Mentors signing up to support your dojo

Should I sign up to be a cloud mentor?

Whether you are a pro at Python, can write HTML blindfolded or love tinkering with hardware like Raspberry Pis and robotics your knowledge and experience would be welcome at any Dojo, either local or remote!
If you are having a hard time finding a local dojo that fits your schedule, or simply want to support a dojo in a remote location that most likely won’t be able to run without your help, you are a perfect candidate to volunteer as a Cloud Mentor

I just signed up to be a Cloud Mentor, what should I expect of my first dojo session?

The experience will be similar to that one of an in person session, except that you will be chatting through an online meetings tool with students instead of answering their questions in person. To learn more about what to expect of the CoderDojo mentor experience, click here [link to kata, article below].

When will this model be open to all?

Currently, CoderDojo is using IBM Communities and Meetings to support this model. IBM has donated a limited number of licenses to CoderDojo, which will allow to expand this initiative to some scale, but CoderDojo is looking for a permanent solution based on open source tools so there is no limit to the number of dojos supported by Cloud Mentors. However the timeline for such expansion is still being finalised. For now, if you are interested in becoming a Cloud Mentor fill in this form [link to form] and if you are the champion of a dojo looking for Cloud Mentors fill in the form below. A member of the CoderDojo Foundation will reach out to you with next steps whenever a license becomes available.

Cloud Mentoring form