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CoderDojo Foundation


Cloud mentoring


CoderDojo strives to create a world where every child has the opportunity to learn code in a safe, social and collaborative environment.

CoderDojo believes the deployment of their Cloud Mentoring model is crucial to achieve this goal, since Cloud Mentors can support dojos in remote areas where technical mentors are scarce. The Cloud Mentoring platform serves as a space for Champions of dojos in remote locations to connect with mentors anywhere in the world to mentor ninjas on specific technologies during their sessions, using a CoderDojo-approved collaboration tool.

Currently, CoderDojo is piloting this model using IBM Connections, which has the SmartCloud Meetings application embedded. IBM Connections is a licensed product, so only Champions and Cloud Mentors with an active license will be able to join.

IBM has donated a limited number of licenses of these tools for CoderDojo to distribute among Champions and Cloud Mentors, which limits the extent to which CoderDojo can expand the Cloud Mentoring model in its initial phase.

CoderDojo is looking for a permanent solution, independent of licensed products, but the timeline to deploy such a platform is still to be finalised.

If you are a Champion and have registered your dojo [link to Zen], and you are interested in using Cloud Mentoring, fill in the form below and CoderDojo will get back to you with next steps when a license becomes available. Cloud Mentoring form