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Title Cloud Motivation
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CoderDojo Foundation


Why cloud mentoring?


As CoderDojo has continued to grow and expand globally, it has encountered instances where there are champions interested in establishing dojos, but unable to find enough mentors.

In some cases, champions with limited local support can start running dojos, but can only take their ninjas so far before requiring the help of mentors in specific technologies that their ninjas want to explore.

At the same time, there are people with technical knowledge who may not be able to volunteer with their local dojos, or that simply have some time in their hands and want to help a remote dojo that most likely will fail without their support.

What if we could create a system to allow such champions and mentors to connect?
What if, once this connection has been made, we could leverage remote collaboration tools to facilitate the interaction between ninjas in dojos in remote locations and these mentors “in the cloud”?

Putting our heads together to answer these questions, the Cloud Mentor initiative was born. This model has been informally piloted since 2012 through volunteers that intuited its value, but it was not until February of 2015 that it was officially adopted by the CoderDojo Foundation. The Foundation is now formally incorporating the initiative under its scope, with aims to deploy it in a limited scale in mid-October 2015.