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The CoderDojo Foundation was founded in early 2013 by co-founder James Whelton. A need for a structured entity to both support and scale CoderDojo had emerged as a result of the rapidly expanding global community. The Foundation and CoderDojo have the shared vision of every child worldwide having the opportunity to learn code and to be creative with technology in a safe & social environment.

The CoderDojo Foundation exists to:

  • support all existing and new Dojos around the world,
  • sustain & support the growth of the movement,
  • source new champions, mentors, partners,
  • collaborate with partners and alliances to grow and support the movement,
  • facilitate communication & collaboration across the movement,
  • ensure that all community members have the tools and content needed to start up and continue to run Dojos,
  • ensure that a consistent rich, fun & cool learning environment is made available at all Dojos.