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CoderDojo Foundation


While we have always encouraged girls to participate in CoderDojo and in STEM more broadly, in March 2017 we launched the CoderDojo Girls Initiative to take targeted steps to support girls in CoderDojo. Our aim is to increase the global % of girls attending Dojos from 29% to at least 40% over the next three years. Many Dojos are already taking measures to reach more young girls, we want to work with them to inspire more Dojos to join the movement to reach gender parity! This will only be achieved if everyone in the community and wider ecosystem works together to make it a priority.

Why start this initiative?

We want to help make the tech sector more inclusive and as diverse as the world we live in. Currently, 29% of young people in CoderDojo are girls and 29% of volunteers in CoderDojo are female. By supporting girls in Dojos we are helping empower girls to be tech creators. We believe all girls deserve to have to space and support to enable them the same opportunities as boys in our increasingly technological world. We don’t know what the world is going look like in 10 years time, but we know it will be powered by code!

Share you insights on our Forums If you have any ideas, experiences or insights that you think could benefit other CoderDojo community members to learn and think about please post in our CoderDojo Girls Forum Category here. You can also share any inspirational stories of CoderDojo Girls or volunteers from your Dojo!


Getting Girls Coding!

It is widely accepted that there is currently a dramatic disproportion of women to men choosing to follow careers in computer science. “Since 1984, the number of computer science degrees awarded to women has steadily declined, and today only 13 percent of computer science graduates are female. Accordingly, top jobs in the field are male-dominated.” - The NY Times. Encouraging more young women to engage with technology is a core goal of CoderDojo.

Guide for Parents & Guardians


Guide for CoderDojo Ninjas


CoderDojo Guide to Getting Girls Coding!


Learn to Code with Frozen!


Here's a cool tool for introducing young women and girls to coding. It's's Frozen, Hour of Code game! You can learn to code with Frozen by clicking on the picture!

Google's Made with Code

Google's Made with Code platform offers reseources and projects aimed to engage women in conmputer science. Their website also has a heap of content form inspiring female mentors all around the world!

Made w/ Code (Google) - Maker and Code Projects

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