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Title Dojo Groups
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Information on how different communities of Dojos around the world group together to set up formal and informal organisations to develop CoderDojo in their regions.


Welcome to Dojo Groups!

A Dojo Group is any group of 2 or more Dojos who come together, usually within a geographic region, who want to share resources to make their Dojos better for the young people who attend them or increase the reach of their Dojos by promoting them at local events. There are already several Dojo Groups around the world. These were mostly informal groups set up by people who wanted to actively encourage Dojos in their region or to share an administrative task.

The below document outlines different types of Dojo groups, from informal groups to established Regional Bodies. The document also contains;

  • Comparison of different types of Dojo Groups
  • Criteria for the Naming of a Regional Body
  • Dojo Groups Commitments
  • Regional Body License

CoderDojo Regional License


Dojo Group Guidance

Dojo Group Guidance Document

Dojo Group Case Studies

CoderDojo Italia

CoderDojo Italia is an informal group of Dojos that support each other by sharing their experience of organising and running their individual Dojos via Mentor meet ups and online communications.

CoderDojo Romania

CoderDojo Romania & Moldova is informal regional a group of Dojos that aim to catalyze the initiation of other local Dojos across Romania & Republic of Moldova by helping each other find potential local Champions, Mentors and Organisers. Once found, we continue to support these Champions, Mentors and Organisers in starting a new Dojo and then continue with supporting them via promotion, advice, events and resources.

CoderDojo Western Australia

CoderDojo WA was formed by the Fogarty Foundation (charity) in 2013. Their principal partner is Scitech, which is the major Science Discovery Centre for children in Western Australia. Learn more about Scitech here

CoderDojo Scotland

CoderDojo Scotland is an informal regional group starting more Dojos across the country monthly. CoderDojo Scotland was initially formed after mailing CoderDojo co­-founder, James Whelton, about starting the first Dojo in Scotland.

CoderDojo Belgium

"Coderdojo Belgium" is set up as a non-profit which carries the CoderDojo brand in Belgium.

CoderDojo Poland

CoderDojo Poland is a registered non-profit organisation of Dojos. CoderDojo Poland formed when there was only one Dojo in Poland (Zambrów).