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|author=[[CoderDojo Foundation]]

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CoderDojo Foundation


Finding mentors


How do I find mentors and volunteers?

  • Start locally - Put up notices in places like local business centres or community centres to generate local interest and to find mentors and get parents who have technical background involved as mentors. We encourage getting non technical mentors
  • Colleges & Universities - Approach colleges/universities with information on how to become a CoderDojo mentor.
  • Companies - Reach out to local companies that may have technical employees and encourage them to get involved. We have a Template Letter for Acquiring Mentors from Businesses and Universities available for you to use should you wish.
  • Twitter - Set up a Twitter account for your Dojo and start reaching out to your local tech community.
  • Website - You can set up a website for your Dojo and have an expression of interest form on your site.
  • Linkedin - Find out how to get linkedin information for mentors here!
  • Cloud Mentoring - If you still cant find any mentors and live in a remote location, Check out our Cloud Mentoring section here!

Three survey forms we used recently in CoderDojo Ham to get feedback: i) from parents ii) from the kids iii) from families who dropped out Find them here