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For the most up to date resources, please see the HTML Path where you will find all of the material listed below and more.

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HyperText Markup Language, commonly referred to as HTML, is the standard markup language used to create web pages. It is written in the form of HTML elements consisting of tags enclosed in angle brackets (like <html>).

Topic Full Title Dojo Presented by Level Language Description Type Category
HTML My First Website - Sushi CoderDojo Foundation CoderDojo Foundation Beginner English Learn how to make a website with Dojo Sushi! Dojo Created Tutorial
HTML Basic Principles Drogheda et al. Mark Reilly et al. Beginner English Learn the basic HTML principles! Dojo Created Tutorial
HTML How to build an HTML game in 5 lines Galway Techbot Beginners English Using web pages to write an adventure game. Each page is one step/room in the story. 1hr 15mins. Dojo Created Tutorial
HTML/jQuery jQuery Introduction Drogheda Jonathan Callan Beginners English What is jQuery and why should you use it? Dojo Created Tutorial
HTML No 9's HTML / CSS / Javascript course DublinSG No9 Beginners English Starts with html tags, then a well-styled home page using CSS, then animation (bouncing ball) using javascript. Dojo Created Tutorial
HTML David Delaney's HTML / CSS / Javascript course DublinUCD David Delaney Beginners English Similar to No9's course in the first lessons, but aimed at a younger audience. Includes looking inside a PC. <table> tag introduced sooner. Dojo Created Tutorial
HTML Making a simple adventure game (ja) Tokyo CogniTom / Yasulab Intermediate Japanese Using web pages to write an simple adventure game. Each page has one correct link (w/ image) and wrong others. Dojo Created Tutorial
HTML5 CoderDojo DCU Simple Game DCU CoderDojo Noel King Beginner English Have fun with this beginner game tutorial! Dojo Created Tutorial
HTML5 Piano Game DCU CoderDojo Noel King Beginner English Have fun with the piano Game, learn more here Dojo Created Tutorial
HTML Game Development on GIT DCU CoderDojo Noel King Beginner English Game Development for HTML with DCU Dojo Dojo Created Tutorial
HTML More Game Development on GIT DCU CoderDojo Noel King Beginner English Even more game Development for HTML! Dojo Created Tutorial
HTML HTML-Gunship DCU CoderDojo Noel King Beginner English Try making your very own Gunship! Dojo Created Tutorial
HTML GIT DCU Dojo DCU CoderDojo Noel King Beginner English See the full DCU Git! Dojo Created Tutorial
HTML Social Network DCU CoderDojo Noel King Beginner English Try making your very own social network! Dojo Created Tutorial
HTML-5 HTML 5 Randoms Cork NSC Will Knott Beginners English Animation, Random numbers, Pizza bot Dojo Created Tutorial
HTML-5 Sprite animation using Canvas Cork NSC Will Knott Intermediate English Tutorial on Sprite Animation using HTML5 Canvas Dojo Created Tutorial
HTML-5 HTML5 Slide show Cork NSC Will Knott/ A Panaytov Beginners English HTML5 photo Slideshow Dojo Created Tutorial
HTML/CSS Beginning Html and Css Dublin15ITB C Ahern Beginners English A set of tutorials we used for the complete beginners guide to HTML and CSS Dojo Created Tutorial
HTML/CSS HTML/CSS Bray Liam Friel Beginners English A set of 5 lessons covering beginning HTML/CSS/JS (code and powerpoint). Dojo Created Tutorial
HTML Formal HTML / CSS / Javascript tutorials (5 in total) Drogheda M Reilly Intermediate English Five beautifully presented tutorial documents as pdf files, showing and explaining the mark up. The fifth in the series uses jQuery to change the contents of the page when you click on something in the page. Dojo Created Tutorial
HTML5 Snowjo for your Dojo CoderDojo Scotland Craig Steele Intermediate English A winter themed educational resource to be used at a CoderDojo. When the keyword "snow" is entered, snow starts to fall on the page. Dojo Created Tutorial
HTML5 HTML5-based Valentine's Day eCard using the <canvas> element. CoderDojo IowaCity David Welch Intermediate English This project will teach you how to use the HTML5 <canvas> element with CSS3 and JavaScript to create a Valentine's card that you can send to your sweetie! Dojo Created Tutorial