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Important Notice

We’ve moved our educational content to our new projects site. It has more projects in over 12 languages, filters that make finding projects much easier, a modern interactive design and it’s actively being improved!

Find out more about why we’re moving our educational resources here.


Welcome to Kata, the CoderDojo community resource sharing platform! We provide a selection of resources that you can use in running or setting up your Dojo.

Kata in other languages

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Learning resources

A selection of documents, videos, elearning materials etc. are curated and available here for you to use at your Dojo. We have organised them into Paths that allow your Dojo to follow a course through a particular topic moving from beginner to advanced levels, with supplementary resources and suggested projects, as well as the badges that can likely be awarded to Ninjas that progress through the path.

App Inventor Logo
Learn to make Android apps in your browser! (No Android device needed!)

Arduino Logo
Learn to build your own hardware projects.

Learn to build a website.

JavaScript Logo

Learn to add interactivity to a website.

Microbit Logo
Learn to code and build hardware projects with the BBC Micro:bit.

PHP Logo
Learn to make games and programs in PHP

Python Logo
Learn to make games and programs in Python

Raspberry Pi
Learn hardware and programming with Raspberry Pi!

Scratch Logo
Learn to make animations and games in Scratch

Learn to code using Swift Playgrounds and build apps for iOS on Xcode using Swift.

Sewable LED
Learn to make electronics you can wear!

Organiser resources

These resources are designed to help you understand what is involved in setting up and running a CoderDojo.