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Resource Details

Title How To Build A Project


Level Beginner
Length 2 Dojos
Medium Document
Format PDF

CoderDojo Foundation


A set of worksheets to guide Ninjas through the process of designing a project to showcase at the Coolest Projects event. They contain prompts and questions with the aim of providing not only inspiration and guidance but also to provoke thought on the intended goals of the project and the needs users.

Tips for use

The worksheets are designed to be printed out and given to Ninjas to fill in using pens, pencils, crayons or markers.

Depending on the type of project being designed, e.g. Scratch, mobile app, website, etc, it may be useful to print out some device-specific templates for the "Design and build" phase (Step 4). Blank templates for various devices can be found here.

Additional blank testing sheets are also available here for further iterations of the "Test and tweak" phase (Step 5).


The worksheets are inspired by the Stanford ‘Design Thinking’ process and the Design Club workshops along with feedback from those involved in Dojos.