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Resource Details

Title Intermediate HTML CSS Sushi


Language HTML
Level Intermediate
Medium Sushi Card
Format PDF

CoderDojo Foundation


Improve your exisiting web pages by making them responsive using CSS.

Tips for use

These cards were designed for use with Trinket, an online code editing platform. It is recommended to sign up for a free account but it is not required to be able to follow along. If preferred, Ninjas may follow along using a plain text editor and local files on their computer instead, with help from a mentor. The sample projects can be downloaded from Trinket without having to sign in. It's a good idea to ensure that file extensions are visible on the target computer.


The Sushi Cards are in a web based format and can be read online (recommended) at the link below. Read the Sushi Cards!

There is also an option to print them as a PDF if required.

Mentor Tips

A number of example projects are available for Mentors to help guide Ninjas if they are stuck on a particular Sushi Card. These are listed in this document. There is a separate Trinket project for each Sushi Card.