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Resource Details

Title Javascript incepatori


Language JavaScript
Level Beginner
Length 4 Dojos
Medium Sushi Card
Format PDF

CoderDojo Oradea


These cards will introduce Ninjas to JavaScript. These will help you to make a website interactive, will learn to add action to web pages using scripts, and they will learn fundamentals of programming such as variables, arrays, loops and many others.

Tips for use

  1. Read carefully and follow all ten Sushi cards attached. Each card has two pages (A and B).
  2. You can also download these files. This contains the PDF format Sushi Cards, so as you can have them for use after the Dojo.
  3. It's a good idea to ensure that file extensions are visible on the target computer.
  4. Get started by creating a new folder for this project and using (download and install if you don't have it already) a text editor such as in Notepad++ or Sublime (or text editor of your choice - we recommend Atom) and then editing the code .


JavaScript / Sushi card no.1: Primul script File:Sushi JS01 ok.pdf

JavaScript/ Sushi card no.2: Modifica pagina File:Sushi JS02 ok.pdf

JavaScript / Sushi card no.3: Notiuni fundamentale (1) File:Sushi JS03 ok.pdf

JavaScript/ Sushi card no.4: Notiuni fundamentale (2) File:Sushi JS04 ok.pdf

Un exemplu aici: /images/b/bd/Sushi_JS03_ok.pdf

Source Files

You can find the source files for these Sushi Cards [1].