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Kata is the CoderDojo community resource sharing platform. It is a tool for members of the CoderDojo Community to discover and share resources that they have found valuable in running their Dojos.

Resource types

These resources might be educational, to provide material for a Dojo to work on, or focused on helping Dojo Champions and Mentors setup and run their Dojo.

Contributing to Kata

If you want to contribute to Kata, you need to follow the guide to becoming an approved editor. Once you've done that you can help out by doing any of the following:

Filling in the blanks

There are a number of articles and categories throughout Kata that may be referenced but still lacking descriptions. They have red link text. Just click on one where you know the term and fill in the details!

Contributing content

If you have created content for your Dojo (or just want to make some for the community!) you can add it by following the instructions here.