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Organiser Resources

In this section you can find out everything you need to know about organising a CoderDojo in your community.

Here you will learn about becoming a CoderDojo Champion and registering your Dojo, finding a venue, finding technical mentors and volunteers, CoderDojo learning philosophies and practical tips from organisers for running your Dojo!

In this section you will also find out about supports available to you and ways to connect to the CoderDojo community around the world.

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Learning Resources

Here you will find all sorts of learning resources for helping young people to explore technology in your Dojo!

In this section there are Dojo Sushi concept cards for teaching HTML and CSS, resources and guides covering Scratch, HTML, Python, Ruby, Java, Minecraft and hardware guides for Arduino and Raspberry Pi projects and more!

In this section you can also access foreign language resources from our communities​ in the Netherlands, Belgium, Italy and Japan!

View Resources

This section is for young people to explore and play with coding and technology!

This will bring you to the CoderDojo Arcade where you will find lots of great coding games and tools for young people to engage with and learn programming skills.

Here you will find games, some familiar some new, all focused on helping you learn to code from Scratch remakes of popular retro games to free tools to help you make your own awesome games!


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