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Title Mentors and Volunteers Information
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CoderDojo Foundation


Being a coderdojo volunteer


Mentor and Volunteer Information

You can see the CoderDojo Foundation Mentor guide below!


What is the difference between a mentor and volunteer?

Please note an updated version will be uploaded soon. You can find a promo video aimed at encouraging mentors to get involved with local Dojos below!

A mentor is a technically skilled individual who guides Dojo attendees and facilitates their learning and project work during the sessions. Mentors usually have a preferred area and expertise within which they like to work (eg. HTML, Python etc.) and this can influence the topics covered in the Dojo.

A volunteer is an individual who helps with administration and related services. Parents of regular attendees and non technical individuals who want to help out often work in Dojos. It is also not uncommon for volunteers to learn the basics of Scratch and be able to work with beginners as a mentor.