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Resource Details

Title Scrolling Backgrounds in Scratch


Language Scratch
Level Beginner
Length 1 Dojos
Medium Document
Format PDF

Seamus Minogue


How to make the background of your game move across the screen, to give the impression that your sprites are moving quickly even though they are remaining at the same “X” position on the screen.

Tips for use

You will need to either install Scratch on the Ninja's machine or use the web-based editor in advance of using these cards.

Required files

Download the three images below and save them into a directory on the Ninja's machine.







The original content and file downloads (including a sample Scratch project showing the completed work) can be found here.

The PDF above is generated from the original Google Doc with the following slight modifications:

  • formatted headings as per the content on the original Kata page
  • removed a screenshot of renaming Sprites in an older version of Scratch
  • removed reference to .rar file as the gifs are provided directly on this page