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Path Details

Title Swift Path


Language Swift
Author CoderDojo Foundation


Overview of terminology

Content types
Core resources 
This content is reviewed by the CoderDojo Foundation and is the recommended starting point for a Dojo or Ninja that's just beginning to address the topic.
Supplementary resources 
Ninjas who have completed the core resources at a specific level and want to learn more related things, without going deeper into the topic yet.
Project ideas 
Ideas for Ninjas or Dojos for more projects they can undertake with the skills they have learned.
Content levels
Beginner ()
No more knowledge than what's listed under Prerequisites is required to start on this content.
Intermediate (★★)
Once the core beginner material has been covered, you are ready to start this.
Advanced (★★★)
Once the core intermediate material has been covered, you are ready to start this.
These are awards that can be added, once the badge's requirements have been met, by Dojo Champions to a Ninja's profile page in Zen. For more details, see the badges page.

Learn to code using Swift Playgrounds and build apps for iOS on Xcode using Swift

This collection of resources includes both Sushi Cards that introduce Swift to Ninjas with no prior experience of either Swift or programming, as well as a series of Projects that build on the fun interactive learning experience of the Swift Playgrounds app for iPad — by exploring and solving rich puzzle worlds, students can develop coding skills that become the foundation of their programming knowledge.


For the Beginner Xcode Sushi Cards: None.

For the Challenge Cards in the Projects section: The lessons in the Swift Playgrounds app on iPad.


Your first iOS app made with Swift in Xcode on a Mac.


1 Dojos

Supplementary resources

Project ideas


Use Swift Playgrounds on your iPad to follow the Journey of the Titanic.




Use Swift Playgrounds on your iPad to build a working set of traffic lights.




Use Swift Playgrounds on your iPad to create an augmented reality experience featuring characters from Roald Dahl’s famous novel James and the Giant Peach.



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