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Here is a list of coding tutorials from Dojos across the world! Click the headings to sort the list automatically to find the topic you are looking for. If you are a CoderDojo member and would like to see your tutorials added here, you can submit content to be added here


HTML Tutorials

Topic Dojo Full Title Presented by Description
HTML Galway How to build an HTML game in 5 lines Techbot Using web pages to write an adventure game. Each page is one step/room in the story. 1hr 15mins.
HTML/jQuery Drogheda jQuery Introduction Jonathan Callan What is jQuery and why should you use it?
HTML DublinSG No 9's HTML / CSS / Javascript course No9 Starts with html tags, then a well-styled home page using CSS, then animation (bouncing ball) using javascript.
HTML DublinUCD David Delaney's HTML / CSS / Javascript course David Delaney Similar to No9's course in the first lessons, but aimed at a younger audience. Includes looking inside a PC. <table> tag introduced sooner.
HTML Tokyo Making a simple adventure game (ja) CogniTom / Yasulab Using web pages to write an simple adventure game. Each page has one correct link (w/ image) and wrong others.
HTML-5 Limerick HTML 5 Xyzormax Links to beautiful offsite slide-show using HTML / CSS / Javascript, including advanced features of modern webkit based browsers such as client side storage, image transitions (including rotation), elaborate borders.
HTML-5 Cork NSC HTML 5 Randoms Will Knott Animation, Random numbers, Pizza bot
HTML-5 Cork NSC Sprite animation using Canvas Will Knott Tutorial on Sprite Animation using HTML5 Canvas
HTML-5 Cork NSC HTML5 Slide show Will Knott/ A Panaytov HTML5 photo Slideshow
HTML/CSS Dublin15ITB Beginning Html and Css C Ahern A set of tutorials we used for the complete beginners guide to HTML and CSS
HTML/CSS Bray HTML/CSS Liam Friel A set of 5 lessons covering beginning HTML/CSS/JS (code and powerpoint).
HTML Drogheda Formal HTML / CSS / Javascript tutorials (5 in total) M Reilly Five beautifully presented tutorial documents as pdf files, showing and explaining the mark up. The fifth in the series uses jQuery to change the contents of the page when you click on something in the page.

Scratch Tutorials

Topic Dojo Full Title Presented by Description
Scratch Drogheda Starting Scratch P Browne Starting scratch - mostly links to offsite resources.
Scratch Drogheda Scrolling Backgrounds in Scratch Seamus Minogue Screenshots showing and explaining both the Scratch program and using paint to make the backgrounds.
Scratch Limerick Scratch (Limerick Tutorials) Pam O'Brien Six tutorials, from how to tie visual effects to a keypress to a game with a shark chasing a fish.
Scratch Athlone Scratch (Athlone Tutorials) James Sheridan / Boris Moric Three games tutorials, Pacman, Mario, Pong - shared as Google presentations.
Scratch Belgium Scratch Tutorials in Dutch Marc Portier Scratch tutorial cards in Dutch ranging from beginners to intermediate.
Scratch Milano Scratch Tutorials in Italian Massimiliano Mazzieri Four tutorials ranging from beginners to intermediate.
Scratch Somerville CoderDojo 4 Week Scratch Curriculum Frank Kelly 4 Week Scratch Curriculum Plan.


Topic Dojo Full Title Presented by Description
MINECRAFT - Modelling Designer Dojo MINECRAFT - Modelling & Resources Paul Lee MINECRAFT - Modelling and Educational Resources.
MINECRAFT - ScriptCraft and JavaScript Athenry / Modder Dojo MINECRAFT - ScriptCraft and JavaScript Michael Madden MINECRAFT - Getting started with ScriptCraft and JavaScript.
MINECRAFT - Intro to Java with Bukkit MINECRAFT Plugins Somerville CoderDojo 4 Week - Intro to Java with Bukkit MINECRAFT Plugins Frank Kelly 4 Week - Intro to Java with Bukkit MINECRAFT Plugins

Collective Resources

Topic Dojo Full Title Presented by Description
Collective Resources Blackrock Castle Collective Resources Paul Lee / Adrian Collins Resource Topics available: Android App, Arduino, HTML, Java, LaunchPad, Python and Designer Dojo!
HTML / Python / Scratch Carrickmacross HTML / Python / Scratch tutorials J Harrington Several tutorial documents as pdf, zip and exe files, showing and explaining the basics of HTML, Python and Scratch.

Web Servers Tutorials

Topic Dojo Full Title Presented by Description
Web Servers Drogheda Web Servers G O'Rourke Links to videos and offsite resources explaining how the internet works and what are servers/data centres.
Web Servers Drogheda Installing XAMPP / Apache Ben Chapman How to install PHP/Apache.

Tutorials to be sorted into Sections

Topic Dojo Full Title Presented by Description
Python Drogheda Introducing Python using Turtle P Browne / Con Hennessy PDF Tutorial on getting started with Python using Turtle - great for moving from Scratch to Python
Java Carrickmacross An introduction to Java J Harrington An introduction to Java covering an intro, sums and commands.
Git Iowa City GitImmersion David Welch Sequential Git tutorials for Windows, Mac, and Linux. 50+ bite-sized lessons that teach all the aspects of Git and version control
Javascript Galway Building a 2D Game based in Sprite animation Guido Cecilio A tutorial in how to build a 2D game based in sprite animation using HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery Javascript library.
Joomla Galway Joomla Tutorials Techbot Start of some tutorials; Introduction explains why games programming benefits from server side components.

Useful Tools

Tools Recommended by Dojos

Topic Dojo Full Title Presented by Description
Digital Modelling Tools Designer Dojo Digital Modelling Tools & Resources Paul Lee A list of cool FREE modelling tools!

Mozilla Webmakers

  • Resources for Learning and Teaching
  • Educational resources "Teach and learn digital skills and web literacy. 
The pages in this section are full of fun things to discover, make and teach."
  • Mozilla Webmaker Tools
  • Thimble - Webmaking made easy. Try Thimble.
  • Mozilla appmaker Tools
  • appmaker is a browser-based authoring tool that lets people to create and share personal mobile apps, it's 100% free and open source. Try appmaker.

Mozilla Open Badges

Learning today happens everywhere, not just in the classroom. But it's often difficult to get recognition for skills and achievements that happen outside of school. Mozilla's Open Badges project is working to solve that problem, making it easy for anyone to issue, earn and display badges across the web. The result: helping people of all ages gain and display 21st century skills and unlock new career and educational opportunities.

This July, CoderDojo Scotland joined other companies such as NASA and Disney-Pixar by becoming an Mozilla Open Badge issuer. Check out their list of Open Badges.

Other Learning Resources


Khan Academy is an organisation with the goal of changing education for the better by providing a free world-class education for anyone anywhere. All of the their resources are available to anyone. It doesn't matter if you are a student, teacher, home-schooler, principal, adult returning to the classroom after 20 years, or a friendly alien just trying to get a leg up in earthly biology. Khan Academy's materials and resources are available to you completely free of charge. Go to the Khanacademy.

Computer programming

Learn the fundamentals of programming with the popular JavaScript language and ProcessingJS library. Write your own programs and share them, explore programs made by others, and learn from each other's programs! Go there now!

  • Hosting your own intro to programming workshops
Want to introduce your students to programming? This lesson plan can help!
Read the Khan Academy CS team blog CoderDojo JS workshop for girls: Great success!

Cryptography & information theory

Learn select topics from computer science - cryptography (how we protect secret information) and information theory (how we encode and compress information). Go there now!

How To Become A Hacker by Eric Steven Raymond

This is a general resource that covers all topic related to learning to code. This is a available in a number of languages. There is a bunch of definitions of the term ‘hacker’, most having to do with technical adeptness and a delight in solving problems and overcoming limits. If you want to be a hacker, keep reading.

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