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Resource Details

Title TutorialsD15Itb


Language HTML
Level Intermediate
Length 5 Dojos
Medium Sushi Card
Format Web Page

C Ahern


A set of tutorials we used for the complete beginners guide to HTML and CSS. Assumes no prior knowledge.


HTML & CSS for Complete Beginners

Here are the zip files we downloaded during the first 5 days in Dublin 15 ITB. It assumes no prior knowledge of HTML or CSS, hence the gentle language used particularly in the first two tutorials.

Feel free to use or alter these in any other CojoDojos as you wish.

For all editing of HTML, we used Notepad++ on Windows and TextWrangler for the Mac.

File Description
Day Zip containing short pdf on what is HTML, CSS and a few made up definitions of the words that we repeated during the day. Contains 3 sample HTML files with CSS at the top.
Day Putting your styles into a separate file instead of in your HTML; Lists; Embed a video from YouTube
Day A horizontal list example if you want to put a menu across the top of your page; introduction to CSS classes
Day CSS Gradients, and an introduction to how divs work and why you need to know what they are
Day This is just a follow on to explain the concept of divs and ids again. You should probably look at the Day 4 content first before looking at this.
How to upload your site Our version of instructions on how to upload your site to