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Resource Details

Title Tutorials by Athenry


Language Scratch
Level Beginner
Length 42 Dojos
Medium Web Page
Format PDF

CoderDojo Athenry


Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced resources from CoderDojo Athenry

Tips for use

You will need to either install Scratch on the Ninja's machine or use the web-based editor in advance of using these cards.


Beginners Track -CoderDojo Athenry-
Number Name/Link
01 FirstGame
02 Guess Numbers
03 Animation
04 Ghost Catcher
05 BetterGhostCatcher
06 StoriesAndScrolling
07 YourGame.pdf
08 PrepareForBelts
09 BrickGame
Intermediate Track-CoderDojo Athenry-
Number Name/Link
11 NetworkChat
12 2Player-GuessingGame
13 RaspberryPi-Demo
14 NetworkPong
15 RockPaperScissors
16 ModelAndAnimate
17 LearnAboutPainting
18 YourProject

Advanced Track - CoderDojo Athenry-
Week Name/Link
01 The Movies
02 Buttons and Crazy Images
03 More Crazy Images and Random Numbers
04 Truchet Tiling
05 Code Recycling and parallel processing
06 Let’s Build a Piano
07 A Fancy Piano (with modules, sequential processing and databases)
08 Planning a Christmas Game
09 Christmas Game Part 2 (with code reuse, testing and debugging)
10 Christmas Game – Final Episode
11 None
12 Magic 8-Ball, Flowcharts
13 Gravity and Speed
14 (Gravity & speed continued: no new notes)
15 Radio Waves
16 Stop Motion Animation