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What is Zen?

Zen is the CoderDojo Community Platform where a Champion can register for an account, set up listings for their Dojos, add mentors to their Dojo, issue tickets for events and award digital badges!

For a Dojo to be recognised as part of the community it must be listed on Zen.

See Zen here!

How to use the CoderDojo Community Platform, Zen

Registering for an Account and Editing your Profile on Zen (Parents / Guardians / Champions / Mentors)

Edit a Dojo Profile (Parents / Guardians / Champions / Mentors)

Managing Users at Your Dojo (Champions / Mentors)

Joining and posting in Forums (Parents / Guardians / Champions / Mentors)

Creating and Managing Events (Champions / Mentors)

Booking into a Dojo event (Parents / Guardians)

Using the Ticketing System (Champions)

Awarding and issuing Digital Badges (Champions / Mentors)

Agreeing to the Charter of Ethics

You will be asked to sign the CoderDojo Charter of Ethics, you can see the Charter [here.]

Good luck getting your Dojo registered and up on the global map of Dojos.