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MIT App Inventor is a blocks-based programming tool that allows everyone, even novices, to start programming and build fully functional apps for Android devices. Newcomers to App Inventor can have their first app up and running in an hour or less, and can program more complex apps in significantly less time than with more traditional, text-based languages.

You can see MIT App Inventor here.

Dojo Resources

CoderDojo Bray

Thanks to the Champion and mentors at CoderDojo Bray for these great App Inventor resources, tried and tested in a real life Dojo! Check out their AppInventor resources here:

CoderDojo Arklow

Breadcrumbs : Never get lost again ! Check out this tutorial and learn how to build an app that allows you to drop virtual "breadcrumbs" as you travel around, and then gives you directions using Google maps if you need to retrace your steps. Breadcrumbs