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Resource Details

Title Beginner Databases


Language SQL
Level Beginner
Medium Sushi Card
Format PDF

CoderDojo Foundation


Ninjas learn to build their first web pages, including headings, links, images, tables and formatting.

Tips for use

  1. The zip file doesn't include the XAMPP installer. You will need to download it beforehand. You can download the latest version HERE.
  2. You can also copy the worksheets folder. This contains the PDF and SVG format Sushi Cards, so as they can have them for use after the Dojo.
  3. Be aware when a learner is doing a card with fun exercise as they might need help in completing it.
  4. A text file with the SQL statements for each step is included in the zip file for ninja's who are having a hard time typing.
  5. It's a good idea to ensure that file extensions are visible on the target computer.



Source Files

You can find the source files for these Sushi Cards here.