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Background Checking US

It is recommended that Verified Volunteers are used for providing background checking for US CoderDojo volunteers.

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Verified Volunteers Info Pack


Why Verified Volunteers?

Verified Volunteers delivers best-in-class, accurate, and fast volunteer background screening that's tailored to the needs and budgets of nonprofits, churches and other service organizations.

This partnership developed after a couple of US Dojos had great success screening their volunteers through Verified Volunteers and recommended that the CoderDojo Foundation form a partnership.

You can see the partnership announcement below.


Discounted rates are available for CoderDojo volunteers in the US, you can find out information on pricing and the discounts afforded to CoderDojo volunteers above. You can find out more information about the process by contacting Braden, Senior Account Executive - West, at Verified Volunteers at

If you wish to apply for your Dojo to have it's volunteers screened through Verified Volunteers please contact Braden at Verified Volunteers directly.

Braden Beisse - Senior Account Executive

(503) 349-2503

Verified Volunteers Website

Case Study - CoderDojo McDonagh and Verified Volunteers

"The Verified Volunteers background check service has been integral to the success of CoderDojo McDonough. Before Verified Volunteers, our non-automated background check process was a roadblock that made it difficult to onboard new mentors. As soon as we released the Verified Volunteers background check system at our dojo we had several mentors signup immediately who had difficulty with our previous background check process. The background check process provided by Verified Volunteers has streamlined mentor signup for both mentors and administrators at CoderDojo McDonough."

William Metz Champion at CoderDojo McDonough Georgia, USA

Funding for US Background Checking

The CoderDojo Foundation is currently seeking funding to specifically cover volunteer screening in the US through Verified Volunteers.


Verified Volunteers will be hosting free Webinars on best practice for background checking volunteers on April 28th at 1pm and April 30th at 10am, both PST. If you would like to be involved please contact Braden at the details above.