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Title Child Protection and Background Checking
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Find out about Coderdojo's child protection plan here.


Child Protection

Background checking is just one part of a Dojos Child Protection Plan but can be useful when recruiting new volunteers and ensuring they are safe to work with children!

Many countries have different procedures for background checking, if your country is on the list below please see if we have any existing tips or partnerships to help. If your region is not included below, please research this and get in touch ( ) if you have any tips to share with other volunteers in your area.

As all Dojos are free of charge for attendees (in accordance with the CoderDojo Charter of Ethics) and all volunteers are unpaid it is understandable that there are limited resources available. If background checking is costly in your region we recommend reaching out to an organisation in your area who may be interested in supporting the cost of background checking for your Dojo's volunteers.

Both if you can or cannot background check your mentors please ensure you take other steps to recruit volunteers safely such as by asking for and checking non-family referees.

Background checking

Creating a safe environment is one of the key aspects of running and maintaining an awesome Dojo. Considering how to safeguard the young people in your Dojo is a crucial element of creating that safe environment. While legislation and expectations can vary from country to country, there are some best practice measures a Dojo can take such as safe recruitment of volunteers and setting a code of good practice for volunteers which will safeguard young people from harm.

If you have knowledge on Best Practice and/or Child Protection legislation in your region and have created documents which would be of use to other Dojos in your area which is not covered below, please let us know on



Child Protection Ireland

Learn about Ireland's background checking and child protection policies!

United Kingdom

Child Protection UK.jpg

Child Protection UK

UK's child protection policies are found here!

United States

Child Protection USA.jpg

Child Protection USA

Information on background checking and child protection policies for the United States are here!


Child Protection Global.png

Child Protection Global

Find global information on child protection and background checking here