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Please see below for a list of Community Support options available for Dojos


Twitter support and #DojoChat. These chats take place on the last Friday of very month.


Facebook like page and Facebook CoderDojo Group


LinkedIn CoderDojo page and CoderDojo Supporters Group

Organisers Forums

Here CoderDojo Champions and Mentors from all over the world share their experiences, post their questions and engage in discussion in relation to all things CoderDojo.

CoderDojo Newsletter

All things CoderDojo, straight to your inbox!

Community Slack

There is a community slack channel that you can join to instant message the Foundation Team and also to interact with other CoderDojo champions from the global community.

Community Calls

With our ever growing community of over 870+ dojos in 63 countries (as of Jan 2016) we realised the need to stay connected. We are available to have USA Community Calls, European and Australian/Asian Community Calls to connect organisers from around the globe to chat about issues that effect their Dojos. Please contact us directly on to book in your place.

One on One Calls

Information on one on one calls available for all CoderDojo community members.

Email Support

Information relating to available email support for CoderDojo community members.

Please see a calendar of upcoming community support events here.