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DojoCon is the official CoderDojo conference for champion, mentors, and all adults who are involved or interested in getting involved in the CoderDojo movement. DojoCon aims to build on the growth of the CoderDojo community by offering opportunity for mentors to share, discover and learn about encouraging the next generation of coders via CoderDojo! In keeping with Coder Dojo philosophy, the events are free and feature a variety of keynote speakers and seminars led by practitioners from the educational and digital technology sectors.

DojoCon 2012

The first DojoCon took place in the Limerick Institute of Technology. Immediately after there was discussion in the community about doing a second conference to follow on the first's success and continue to build the community, perhaps this time it could be further up the country to make it more accessible to other regions.

DojoCon 2013

Was held in Slane Castle. At the event CoderDojo co-founder James Whelton introduced a new initiative, The 'Hello World Foundation'. The HWF is working to support the CoderDojo community as part of a wider initiative to inspire young coders across the world.

DojoCon 2014

The event will be held in Silgo. The schedule is up on the CoderDojo site.

DojoConNI 2014

2014 saw the first DojoCon to be held in Northern Ireland on 22nd of March. It was a one day event funded by DCALNI and hosted by the AmmA Centre in Armagh city.