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Resource Details

Title Dojo Racer


Language Scratch
Level Beginner
Length 34 Dojos
Medium Sushi Card
Format PDF

CoderDojo Athenry


Ninjas learn to create a racing game using scratch.

Tips for use

You will need to either install Scratch on the Ninja's machine or use the web-based editor in advance of using these cards.




Greg Bulmash, Champion of CoderDojo Seattle, created a little racing game in Scratch.Start with the base sprites and fill in the code HERE

Beginners Track -CoderDojo Athenry-
Number Name/Link
01 FirstGame
02 Guess Numbers
03 Animation
04 Ghost Catcher
05 BetterGhostCatcher
06 StoriesAndScrolling
07 YourGame.pdf
08 PrepareForBelts
09 BrickGame
Intermediate Track-CoderDojo Athenry-
Number Name/Link
11 NetworkChat
12 2Player-GuessingGame
13 RaspberryPi-Demo
14 NetworkPong
15 RockPaperScissors
16 ModelAndAnimate
17 LearnAboutPainting
18 YourProject

Advanced Track - CoderDojo Athenry-
Week Name/Link
01 The Movies
02 Buttons and Crazy Images
03 More Crazy Images and Random Numbers
04 Truchet Tiling
05 Code Recycling and parallel processing
06 Let’s Build a Piano
07 A Fancy Piano (with modules, sequential processing and databases)
08 Planning a Christmas Game
09 Christmas Game Part 2 (with code reuse, testing and debugging)
10 Christmas Game – Final Episode
11 None
12 Magic 8-Ball, Flowcharts
13 Gravity and Speed
14 (Gravity & speed continued: no new notes)
15 Radio Waves
16 Stop Motion Animation