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Title How to build a HTML game in 5 lines Part II


Language HTML
Level Intermediate
Medium Document
Format Wiki

CoderDojo Galway


Ninjas learn to build their first text-based game using HTML.

Tips for use

You will need to either install Scratch on the Ninja's machine or use the web-based editor in advance of using these cards.


So it's several months later, you've built 10-20 pages and you've got divs and css and bits of javascript here and there. But it's starting to get complicated, the pages are difficult to maintain, there is no memory between pages and it's starting to become boring.

This is where php steps in.

Instead of a room.html for every room we are now going to go back over all our html files and copy the contents into one file called message.php.

The contents of each file will go into one position in an array like so

$room[0] = "<div id ='container'>You are standing outside a castle. There is a moat.......</div>";

$room[1] = "<div id ='container'>You are inside the castle.</div>";

$room[2] ="<div id ='container'>You are dead.</div>";

How you move from one room to another (from array [index] to array [index]) is entirely down to the individual chapters and coder style. I use an index.php file to jump through case/switch staements and if statements.


    <a href = index2.php?task=”begin”?>Begin the adventure</a>


    $response = $_REQUEST; // $_REQUEST takes in the url params and turns them into an array.
    $job = $response[‘task’];
    if ($job ==”begin”){
        echo “You are standing in your room”;
        echo “<a href = index2.php?task=”computer”?>Turn on Your computer</a>”;
        echo “or <br/>”;
        echo “<a href = index2.php?task=”Leave_Room”?>Leave</a>”;
    if ($job ==”computer”)
        //do stuff
    if ($job ==”Leave_Room”)
        //do stuff

I save the room index locations to each individuals players mysql table, so they can continue where they left off.

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