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Welcome to Kata, CoderDojo's OpenSource Knowledge Database.


What is CoderDojo?

CoderDojo is an open source, volunteer led network of free computer programming clubs for young people aged 7-17. CoderDojo puts an emphasis on self motivated learning through project work, peer to peer mentoring and the creation of socially innovative projects. There are over 450 CoderDojos teaching young people how to code in over 45 countries around the world. Learn more here.

What is Kata?

Kata is an open forum for the CoderDojo community to share resources with one another and work together to grow the knowledge of the members within the movement. Here you will find access to an Overview of Learning Resources, information on Organising a Dojo and access to information about the CoderDojo Community.

Contributing to Kata

If you are a CoderDojo community member and would like to Become a Kata Editor register for a username here,

Once you've registered your username via the the link above please apply for approval by the Coderdojo Foundation here

If you have any questions about adding content / editing Kata feel free to post your queries to the Kata Tech Support Google Group

Overview of Learning Resources

Minecraft at CoderDojo Milano

Here you will find an Overview of Learning Resources tried, tested and contributed by members of the global CoderDojo community. These Learning Resources consist of a wide range of programming languages and technologies to help along the way.

This sections includes CoderDojo Sushi, resources and guides covering Scratch, HTML, Python, Ruby , Java, MINECRAFT and hardware guides for Arduino and Raspberry Pi projects.

In this section you can also access foreign language resources here>>. We have content from our community in the Netherlands, Belgium, Italy and Japan!


Organising a Dojo

CoderDojo Champions and Mentors at DojoCon13

In this section you can access information about Organising a Dojo, becoming a CoderDojo Champion and registering your Dojo on Zen (our Dojo listing website).

You can also access guides and information on recruiting Mentors and Volunteers, finding a Venue and Dojo Operations such as Belts as well as Advice from CoderDojo Champions and Guiding Principles and Philosophies.

Here you can also discover all the great ways to connect with the CoderDojo Community, which now includes 700+ Dojos from 57 countries around the world!

There are also Sponsored Tools here which contain free or discounted learning tools and aids available to use at your Dojo.


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