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Promotion Materials

CoderDojo Logos and Brand Guidelines


Download the CoderDojo logo

The CoderDojo Logo is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported License. Use our logo in your Dojo!

Dojo Promo Materials

Dojo Promo Materials.png

Check here for Dojo Promo Materials

At the link below you can find sample posters, sticker templates and different CoderDojo promotional material!

Materials for Running your Dojo

CoderDojo 3D-printed Nametag

CoderDojo Nametag.png

Click here for the 3D models

Attached are 3D models of an adaptable 3D-printed nametag, including a center-piece with the CoderDojo logo.
For instructions, see the readme inside the zip-package.
Designed by Kevin van As from CoderDojo Alphen aan den Rijn (The Netherlands).