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Scratch Sushi Cards from @ginglexia, two youth mentors from Wilmslow CoderDojo:

1: Introduction & how to use these cards

File:A4 01 Sushi Whoshi v0615.pdf

2: Controlling Sprites

File:A4 02 Move Me v0615.pdf

3: Firing, Shooting, & Eating

File:A4 03 Ready Aim Gotcha v0615.pdf

4: Countdowns & Timers

File:A4 04 3-2-1 v0615.pdf

5: Using Broadcast to Control

File:A4 05 Calling All Ninjas v0615.pdf

6: Creating 3D Effects

File:A4 06 No Glasses Required v0615.pdf

7: Advanced Elements

File:A4 07 Samurai and Sensai v0615.pdf

Other useful stuff: A5 Cards

A pack of individual cards for each example on the A4 sheets: print onto A4, fold, and laminate A5 size

(Note that we are still working on these for some of the A4 examples ... updates to follow!)

File:A5 All Cards v0615.pdf

There are also example Scratch project files for each of the individual items on our cards in our Scratch on-line studio ....

All these PDF files and example projects are also available on our Github repository -