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What are Snipte?

Snipte are short snippets of code that are hidden in the source code of partner websites across the internet. To find the code you have to follow the clues to the right page, view the source code, find the correct snippets in the source, copy it to a HTML file and run in your browser. They are made up of HTML (content & structure), CSS (nice formatting) and Javascript (interactivity). We are going to start off simple with the fewest line of code we can for you to see how they work.

How do I find the code?

  • Go to the webpage that you think the code is Snipte is hidden based on the last clue.
  • Right click on the page and select the below option on the context menu:
    • Chrome: View Page Source
    • FireFox: View Page Source
    • Internet Explorer: View Source
  • Look over the code until you find a block that starts with < *** Start Snipte >
  • Congratulations you have found your first Snipte, now what?

Tips: If you are on Chrome you can install the Snipte Extension [1] which will highlight when there is a Snipte on the page.

What do I do once I have found the code?

  • Select all the code (text) between the < *** Start Snipte > and < ***** End Snipte >
  • Copy the code by doing the following:
    • Windows: Press Ctrl+C at the same time.
    • Linux:
    • MAC:
  • Now you need to open your text editor:
    • Windows: Open Notepad
    • Linux:
    • MAC:
  • Click at the start of the text window to place you course there and past in the code:
    • Windows: Ctrl+P at the same time.
    • Linux:
    • MAC:
  • Save the file as NameOfGame.html in a folder on your desktop.
  • Double click on the file and it will open in you browser.
  • Enjoy playing the simple game! ==

What can I do after I run my first Snipte?

With each Snipte we will give you a small challenge to make an improvement to the code. This will be a very small change that should be easy to make. After that you can either wait for the next clue or go looking at website that might have the Snipte hidden in them, you never know what you might find (learn) along the way.