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Liam is the original champion and one of the current lead technical mentors in Bray, Wicklow and was a mentor in UCD when that ran.

Wrote the original Bray HTML/CSS tutorials. Started the original Bray Scratch tutorials. Now mainly working on Bray's Arduino stuff, Robotics and simple Electronics.

Rather opinionated but quite approachable, really.

Software Interests:

  • MythTV/XBMC/Digital Television
  • Arduino/Embedded systems/home automation
  • VoIP for home use
  • Raspberry Pi

Knows a very great deal about:

  • C/Embedded Software and platforms

Knows quite a lot about:

  • HTML/Web/PHP/Python/SQL/Networking/Cloud Computing/C#

Learning a lot more about:

  • Javascript, node, large-scale cloud architectures

Can spoof fairly knowledgeably about:

  • Embedded Linux/C++/Android

No clue what-so-ever about:

  • CSS/Graphics design/MacOS/iOS

OS: Windows and Linux

Contact: liam dot friel at skype: liam.friel linkedin: twitter: @liamfriel